Learning Designer, Marc Ravaris, began his journey into education as a multimedia producer — producing both live and recorded media, primarily for large corporate events in and around the Seattle, Washington area.

keepertie1Moving to northward to Bellingham in 2002, Marc attended Western Washington University, getting a BA in Spanish, and a certificate to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in 2003.

Later, while teaching Spanish high school students to speak English in a cummertime ESL program, Marc became interested in how to design engaging multimedia content for educational applications, and began to use his media productions skills to design interactive multimedia content for his classes.

(While it may seem passe now, at that time using a PowerPoint presentation rather than an overhead projector as your primary visual aid was a big deal.)

The teachers in the ESL program were also expected to design their own classes, so Marc became familiar with instructional design theory and techniques as well. The eventual unification of his interest in teaching and educational technology, led to a natural transition into his current role as a learning designer and content developer.

Over the years Marc has evolved with, and has kept abreast of the rapid changes in the education industry.

Continuing his professional development, he earned a Master’s in Adult Education from Western Washington University (WWU) in 2012, specializing in adult education theory, educational strategies, and instructional design.

To augment his knowledge of a major LMS and his training skills, he became a Certified Canvas Learning Management System, Authorized Trainer in 2013, a certification course designed to “train the trainer” so they in turn, could train others in the effective use of the Canvas LMS (see Level 2 CAT certification).

Marc then “cut his teeth” by working for 2 years at The Center for Instructional Design and Innovation (WWU) as a graduate student where he learned to apply learning design techniques by being a principal designer in the “Blended Workshop 2012“, a program to train WWU faculty on how to create online classes using Canvas LMS. The program is still in use today. Marc was recognized along with the WWU design team with the prestigious NWACC award for Innovation in Educational Technologies for his work on this workshop.

In addition, Marc’s background includes experience in design, development, implementation, assessment, quality assurance, and course facilitation, with one of his experiences being the Special Project Manager, Instructional Designer, and Trainer, for The LIHI/WWU Mentor Training Program.

This, a collaborative program program between WWU and the Low Income Housing program of Seattle, trained tutors and mentors to work with low-income housing residents. Marc designed the curriculum, authored the content, trained the students, and managed the program.

Marc currently works on a contractual basis in the areas of learning design and content creation. Marc is also an experienced Wordsmith, providing copy-writing, copy-editing, and proofreading services. Marc is also a veteran project manager, and as such, can oversee entire projects from beginning to end on a solo basis, or for larger projects, by managing the design team. You can contact Marc at 206-459-2567.


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