Our People

For Marc’s LinkedIn Profile, visit: www.linkedin.com/in/MarcRavaris


keepertie1Our fearless leader – Instructional Designer, Content Developer, and Project Manager, Marc Ravaris, M. Ed.  As our producer, Marc oversees and coordinates all of our projects. Marc’s background is in instructional design, content management, adult education, and before that, audio production & event management for over 20 years as part-owner of Mountain Sound Inc., an audio production firm located in Snohomish, WA.


marcpirateOur creative visionary – Multimedia Producer, Marc Ravaris. A resurrected pirate-captain, Marc works under the careful guidance of our leader. Marc navigates the sometimes murky waters of balancing vision, needs, technology, and manageable implementation, in all our client’s projects. Marc can oft be found aboard his flagship, the SV Rhapsody, or at late-night haunts in the misty port of Bellingham.


P1010499Our code wrangler – Marc Ravaris. Marc will either wrangle, round-up, or pirate any needed snippets of code, including javascript, PHP, html, or CSS to enhance your application. A future expert in the field, Marc is making the transition from wrangling cattle in an imaginary world, to learning to wrangle code in the sometimes real world, and finding the real more difficult.