Marc Ravaris

Teacher, Learning Designer,

 Content Creator




“Spartan by Design, Robust in Performance”

 Skills & Services…

Training & Teaching


Veteran of training or teaching in online, blended, and face-to-face learning environments. Experienced in corporate, institutional, or academic settings.



Innovative design, development, implementation, evaluation, and management of effective training or educational programs and WordPress websites.



Content Creation


Specialist in creating a broad spectrum of engaging multimedia content, carefully designed and custom-tailored to support your program’s or website’s goals.




Have questions or just need help getting started? We consult in all our service areas – and we’ve probably tried what you’re about to do.


Our Design Process…



Our design process begins with careful evaluation, assessing a program’s needs with input from all relevant stakeholders.



Setting specific goals, then creating the appropriate content, curriculum, or strategy to achieve them, are key next steps.



We help you seamlessly deliver your curriculum and content – in almost any location and on multiple devices.

R is for Retention



The ultimate goal and measure of success is validating that the desired outcomes are consistently achieved.

Marc is a dedicated, self-motivated, and talented individual who was able to take on projects of any magnitude, working both independently and collaboratively to achieve the goals of the organization.

Justina Brown

Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Western Washington University

Recognized with NWACC Award for Innovation in Instructional Technologies, 2013, from the Northwest Academic Computer Consortium.

Northwest Academic Computer Consortium

Our class was a hybrid, part of the class was face-to-face and another part was using web-conferencing software to participate. Marc showed outstanding support in making sure that the virtual students were well-connected to the face-to-face class.

Gabe Gossett

Librarian, Adult and Higher Education, Western Washington University

Most impressive—having seen Marc act as one of our faculty workshop facilitators—was his ability to communicate with our “students” in a clear, friendly, helpful, and timely fashion, both online and face-to-face. For participants, this made all the difference in creating a positive experience for them.

Justina Brown

Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Western Washington University